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Collar Extender

This products is for collar extender for men dress shirt and pants. It is made of metal and will help keep yourcollar extender for men dress shirt and pants.

Shirt Collar Extender

Shirt Collar Extender

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Collar Extenders

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Shirt Collar Extenders

Enjoy your next day at work bit more like a rockstar with these metal collar neck waist extender buttons! These buttons will help to increase your waist size but also make your work day a little more fascinating. Each button is a set of 10 and comes with a belt to protect your shirt. if you are feeling cramps oravoids pain when your shirt is too tight, then these neck extenders might be the perfect for you! They are made from soft, lightweight fabric and promise to let your neck free from pain and fatigue. dress shirt button extenders are the perfect solution to increase the size and function of your shirt. With four different colors to choose from, you can find the perfect button extender for your outfit. our extenders are made of new black plastic and will help to keep your shirt from falling apart at the end of the season. They are also software enabled so you can always control your shirt from your computer.