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Extended Magazine

Introducing the tyrant designs extended magazines! These great products are available in gen 3 glock 17-39 models, and offer free shipping on orders over $50. They offer a great deal when they are available at stores such as amazon, lululemon, and city wagons. Place your order now, and get your tyrant designs extended magazines today!

Taurus G2c 9mm Extended Magazine

There are a few reasons why the taurus tribute 9mm extended magazine is a good choice for the modern gun owner. For one, the magazine has a hand-guards option that helps to keep the barrel and hand guard clean. Additionally, the magazines have a built-in back and hold, which means that they are easy to use and have a great feel. the tribute 9mm extended magazine is also large enough to fit most 9mm beregs and is handling well with only one low single shot. In addition, the tribute magazine has a type of latching system that allows the magazine to be removed from the gun by just pushing it back into the magazine well. This makes it easy to take off and on as needed. overall, the tribute 9mm extended magazine is a great option for the modern gun owner and offers a great experience.

9mm Extended Clip

This is an open-face, saw horses. It is a 9mm pistol extendedclip, created with 90404. It is a clips/ magazinebreak that allows for added accuracy and confidence in any rifle situation. This is a high-quality, manufacturer-installed clip and is perfect for any rifle. the 10th mag in our extended magazine clip line is perfect for those with a p-380. It's made of strong plastic and has a plain brown finish. It's also easy to use, just push the clip into position and go. this is an extended magazine for the kimber micro 9 9mm. It is made of stainless steel and has a 1200845a logo. It is available in 7 rounds. the kimber 1911. 45 acp 10 round extended magazine is a high-quality extended magazine that will provide you with access to 1100167 rounds while you are on the go. This magazine is made from high-quality materials and it is sure to offer you with the power you need to take on your favorite guns.