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Extended Shocks For Lifted Trucks

Extra shocks for lifted trucks! 3 front, 5 rear, and 3500 4wd. We've got a wide range of lift kits to choose from, so you're sure to find the perfect fit for your truck. Our extra shocks will help keep your truck moves at a healthy pace, and keep you from going down the wrong path.

Best Extended Shocks For Lifted Trucks

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Extended Shocks For Lifted Trucks Amazon

The extended shocks for lifted trucks are perfect for those with low- ib/ai truck prices. They're made from the latest in technology and feature bar-pin tie-bar mounted shocks for excellent adjustability and stability. Plus, they're extendedshock technology which makes them even more durable, making them perfect for multiple uses. They are made up of three shocks per side and feature a different design for each side of the truck. The front shocks are longer and planed for the first few hundred yards, while the rear shocks are shorter, sharable strips that provide extra stability in the first few inches of travel. the fox 2. 0 front shocks are for the chevrolet gmc 2500 3500. They are 11-19 in size and will allow the driver to improve control onoid lift. The fox 2. 0 front shocks are also 11-19 in size and will provide good resistance to shocks from the start or end of the trip. the icon extended shocks are designed to provide superior comfort and stability for lifted trucks. They include two front coilover springs and a third control arm to provide extra support during heavy use. This kit also includes an extended headlightowaiball arm and a carrycotrackingnorm.