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Lcp Extended Magazine

This is a9ikage for ruger lcp ii magazine. 380 acp 7round lcp 2 extended mag-90626.

Ruger Lcp 380 Extended Magazine

The extendersi. Biz online store has the perfect solution for you! with our extended magazine solution, you can be happy that you came to our site. Our magazine system is designed to last for years, because we provide them at a discounted price. Plus, our extended magazine solution is easy to use and can be packed into your car with ease.

380 Extended Clip

This 380 extended clip is a perfect addition to any firearms. It is made of durable materials and will provide years of service. It has aipvel silent spring silver color and black finish. It is perfect for use with other lcp models. this is an extended clip for the ruger lcp. It is made of heavy-duty fabric and plastic. It is length-wise capped with a black beavertail and is marked with the ruger logo. The length of the clip is 9. 5 inches. The beavertail and logo are combined to make an extended clip for the ruger lcp. this is a factory new 90626 magazine for the ruger lcp. This is an extended magazine because it features 7 rounds. It is not a standard magazine. It has a 37 page forward facing page known as "the fates handselot of death" which is written by gravely illness and injury. It is an extended magazine because it features 7 rounds. This this 380genuine oem mag clip is an extended clip for the lcp that allows for 7-round range, or adding an additional clip for convenience. The clip is new and has the serial number 90405. This is a great addition to your shooting needs!