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Smith And Wesson M&p 40 Extended Magazine

If you're looking for an iwb holster that will let you keep your smith and wesson mp shield in play, look no further than the smith and wesson m&p 40 extended magazine. This holster comes in all black, with the included polymer sus3 plastic band, and is made to fit either the smith mp shield or the wesson m2. This option also includes a 40th anniversary mag. The mag gains an extended magazine by filling in the missing place where the oldmag.

M&p 40 Extended Magazine

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Shield Extended Magazine

This shield extended magazine base is perfect for those with full-size glock pistols. It provides an extra magazine well on the side of your guns that is perfect for when you need to take a break from shooting. This base also includes fasteners to fit most glock pistols. the s&w 40 extended clip is a tactical holster for the smith & wesson sw mp 9 m2. 0 compact. It fits the mp 9 m2. 0 and allows for death or injury protection while on the job. this is an extended magazine for a smith and wesson sw mp shield. It is made to fit the s&w sw-02 and s&w sw-049. It is also compatible with the owb holster for the m2. 0 gun. This magazine has a length of 60 inches and is made of durable hard-shell materials. the s&w m&p shield 40 extended clip is a frame type safety clip that is designed to help keep you safe while you work with a gun. The clip is made of heavy-duty metal and is built to last. It is perfect for left- and right-hand shooters, and can easily keep you safe from gunshots.