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Wilson Combat Extended Slide Stop

The wilson combat 7b black extended slide stop is the perfect weapon for those who need to be able to stop fast. This slide stop has a black finish and offers 7b from each side of the frame to make it easy to understand. It has a tri-ang front sight and an back sight with a red light when on the front sight and a green light when on the back sight. The slide stop has also a hard case for protection.

Top 10 Wilson Combat Extended Slide Stop

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Wilson Combat Extended Slide Stop Ebay

The 7b is an original wilson combat model that comes with an extended slide release. This model is designed to allow for better accuracy and more comfortable carry when shooting in an open environment. The extended slide release allows for a faster response to breath life into the gun, while also preventing accidental starts and deaths. the wilson combat 7s extended slide stop is designed to help keep your 1911 in top condition during your next shooting session. This slide stop is made of stainless steel and features a durable design that will not corrode over time. It is also adjustable to a variety of angles, making it perfect for multiple use. this is a wilson combat 7b oem blued extended slide release 45 acp 1911 gov clones. These are perfect for your pistols that have a 4-0 or 5-0 frame. The extra slide release will make it easier for you to enjoy your pistol. the wilson combat 7b is an excellent pistol for the home defenseman. It is equipped with an extended slide release stop pocket knife blade and a 45 acp design. The knife blade has a quick release handle and is compatible with the wilson combat 7b's 3-in-1 chamber. The knife blade is designed to help protect your weapon and your hand.