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Xd 40 Extended Mag

The xd40 extended mag release is designed to release your standard-gauge magazines without having to be pulled off the stand. This let's you focus on your shooting, without having to tab or pull the magazine.

Xd 40 Subcompact Extended Magazine

Are you looking for a quality extended magazine but don’t have time to search for them? If so, you are in luck! here is a list of our most popular extended magazines: -P.

Xd 40 Extended Clip

The xd-s mod. 2 is a great gun base with a long history of sales and salest. We provides extended floor plates for it that make it easy to get your gun up and running. The xd-s mod. 2 is available in 9mm40 and our team is always available to help you with any of your needs. the springfield xd-s mod. 2 9mm40 extended magazine base is a great choice for a springfield xd-s mod. 2 9mm40 product that is needs additional space to hold a full magazine. The table of contents bar also changes to make it easier to find what you're looking for. This extended magazine base is also written in large font for easy reading. the springfield xd-s is a popular gun to use in the field because of its unique design. This gun has an extended magazine base plate that makes it possible to add an extended magazine. The springfield xd-s extended magazine base plate is also easy to clean and is also recommended for use. the xd-40 is a concise, compact extended magazine for the springfield xd-s 9mm. It offers 40 and 45 mag plate abilities, allowing you to add these magazines to your gun without ever having to take it off the ground. Made from black plain question plate material, the xd-40 is durable and easy to use.